JaniceO. (comlodge) wrote in open_on_sunday,


Title: Twisted
Author:   comlodge
Charachters: Spike/Dawn
Summary: S5. Prompt: Twist/Plot
Disclaimer: Joss owns them all.

'I said twist, Bit. It's a dance. All the craze in the sixties. You Yanks made it famous. Travelled the world. Dru and me, we used to cut quite the rug back then. Great parties.'
'Cut the rug? Why would you cut a rug, Spike?'
'Expression, pet. Meant dance well. Somethin like that. Those were the days. Dance all night. Alcohol, drugs. Good time to be a vamp.'
'Where were you?'
'Me and Dru were in Rome, early sixties. Italians! Love a cuddle in the dark. Easy pickings.'
'Will you teach me?'
'Wot? Cuddle or eat people.'
'The twist, Spike!'
Tags: btvs5, dawn/spike
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