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19th-Sep-2013 03:57 am
Angel/Cordy in a double drabble, rated G/K,

Lorne sang a beautiful, jazz rendition of the traditional birthday tune as his friends gathered around their leader. Angel smiled as Wesley wheeled out a huge cake. Gunn clasped Angel's shoulder as he and Wes joined the singing. Then Angel shouted with glee as the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen jumped out of said cake and began singing to him.

He gaped, grinned, and stared and only when Fred shyly spoke up, "See? I told you getting Spike to be non-ghosty would have other benefits. I found a way to resurrect Cordy," did he finally move. He leapt over the table, on top of his own birthday cake, and took the woman he loved into his arms.

Angel turned over, his lips twisting into a smile. He would never celebrate a birthday again. He would never eat cake or any other food in which he'd delighted as a human now that he was a Vampire. Most and worst of all, he would never again hold his precious Cordelia. But a Vampire could dream, couldn't he? Dream he did all through the day, holding his love the entire time, until he was forced to awaken and save the world again.

The End

Buffy and Gang in

"Sometimes, I think she's right," Rupert said, sighing and cleaning his glasses.

Willow intently watched the battle happening not more than five feet away from them. "You would have thought she could have killed him by now. The ice cream's melting."

Shrugging, Faith took another bite of chocolate cake. "Leave the girl alone. She's working out some aggression."

"What's she right about?" Dawn asked, digging in her ice cream bowl.

"Perhaps we should stop celebrating her birthday."

"No!" Willow exclaimed quickly.

"Yeah! But maybe we could celebrate it a day later," Xander relented as the Demon's head finally went flying.

The End, rated PG/K+

Lorne and his gang in another traditional, but as of yet untitled

The gang was exhausted from saving the world and preventing yet another apocalypse. Lorne didn't blame them for pulling their weapons when people leapt at them, screaming, even if it was surprise birthday wishes they were blabbing. He spun around, lifting his green hands and smiling as his celebrities rushed him.

Praise surrounded him. Champagne bottles popped. Lorne didn't hesitate to immerse himself in the activities. When he took his slice of triple-layered, fudge birthday cake, he called to Angel. "See, Angelcakes? A guy can have his cake and eat it, too." It was the best cake he'd ever eaten.

The End, rated G/K
20th-Sep-2013 08:29 am (UTC)
Lovely, lovely drabbles! The Angel ones are really cute and LOL for Faith and Dawn eating while Buffy fights. Poor Buffy with her terrible birthdays!
28th-Sep-2013 06:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah, can't blame the girl for not wanting to celebrate! Thanks!
22nd-Sep-2013 01:43 am (UTC)
Oh lovely. Loved the first one and the second was a total hoot!
28th-Sep-2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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