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Jossverse Drabbles
a weekly exercise in creative discipline. and geekiness.
alternate 'Anne' (3x01) 
8th-Jun-2014 07:35 pm
BtVS - Buffy - pleased
"Good morning, daddy!" Buffy bounced into the kitchen, a beaming smile on her face, and after dropping a kiss on his head, threw the fridge door open and contemplated her choices.

There were few.

"Geez, dad. There's more to life than Chinese or Indian," she complained. Nonetheless, she took out two carton boxes and headed to the microwave. "You don't mind if I call for pizza, do you? I'm famished."

Hank remembered his own parents complaining about his appetite as a teenager. If boys ate more than girls, he doubted they'd exaggerated. "Sure, darling," he told her. "Whatever you want."


Two more.
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